Examination Rules

Instructions to the Candidates

  • Candidates should bring the Hall ticket for admission to the examination.
  • The Hall ticket is issued as per the regulations and instructions issued by the University from time to time. If the candidate does not comply with the above requirements, the examination(s) taken by the candidate will be treated as cancelled.
  • The candidates should appear in the centre prescribed by the University for their Theory and practical examination.
  • Any discrepancy with regard to the spelling of the name or the subject for which the candidates is permitted to the examination should immediately be brought to the notice of the Controller of Examinations of this University.
  • Candidate should satisfy themselves, before answering that they have received the correct question paper.
  • Candidates are instructed not to leave any pages blank in the Answer scripts. For Example, if the maximum number of pages allotted for a question in the question paper is 10 pages and the candidate completes the answer in 8 pages, the candidate should write the answer to the next question continuously without leaving any space or pages blank.
  • Candidate should be present at the respective centers for clinical, practical and oral examinations half an hour before the commencement of the examinations.
  • Answers must be written legibly in blue/black ink or ball point pen.
  • Candidates should write their Register No. in the specified column only in the Main Answer Book. Candidates are prohibited from writing their Register No. in any other place in the Main Answer Book.
  • Writing Wrong Register No. in the Answer book will entail summary rejection of the Answer book.
  • If candidate puts any special mark or writes anything will entail summary rejection of Answer book.
  • Candidates are prohibited from writing their names or any type or form of symbols at any place in the main answer book or additional answer sheets.
  • Separate answer books should be used for each section wherever it is specified. Answer written in the wrong answer book (i.e) other than the one pertaining the section concerned shall not be valued.
  • Answer scripts of the candidates violating instructions (8), (9) and (10) shall not be valued.
  • The electronic devices such as calculators, Digital Diary, Mobile phone, pager or any other communication devices are strictly prohibited in the Examination hall; possession of the said devices by the candidate shall entail cancellation of the examination for that candidate.
  • All the Text books, Notes and other informative materials should be left outside the examination hall.
  • Candidates are not permitted to enter the theory examination Hall with their aprons or over coats.
  • Candidates are permitted to enter the Practical/Clinical examination Hall with their aprons or over coats.
  • Candidates found guilty of using unfair means of any nature shall be liable for disciplinary action.
  • Candidates should produce the hall ticket on demand by the Invigilator/Chief Superintendent/Observer/Squad member.
  • Candidates will have to handover the Answer books to the Invigilator/Chief Superintendent before leaving the examination hall.
  • Candidates should be seated half-an-hour before the examination and strictly not allowed after that time.
  • The candidates shall not be permitted to leave the examination hall, before the expiry of sixty minutes from the commencement of the examination. Candidates allowed to leave the examination hall will not be allowed to re-enter the hall.

Candidates should ascertain the scheme for the practical and oral examinations in their respective institutions.