Library Details

Library Details
Total Number of Books 3963
Total Number of Title 900
Total Number of Journals 26
National Journals 14
International Journals   12
Magazines (Periodicals) 10
Seating capacity 100
E- Journals (Online –DELNET 200
Total Number of CD’s 65
Reprographic facility   (Xerox) 01

The Library has developed an excellent collection of books like Pharmaceutics, Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology, Pharmacy Practice, Pharmaceutical and Medicinal chemistry, Pharmacognosy and Biotechnology and also journals. It maintains separate collections of Reference Books, Pharmacopeias, Bound volumes of journals, Theses, Video Cassettes, Compact Discs and Microforms. The library is using OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue), wherein the users can search the Library Online Catalogue by Author's name, title, subject, and keywords available on the campus LAN. The total collection of library stands as follows:

  • Current Awareness Service/(SDI) Service
  • Inter Library Loan(ILL)
  • Reference Service
  • News Paper Clipping Service
  • Internet Access
  • OPAC
  • Audio-Video Viewing


  • 10 terminals are available for the users to browse the internet through18 Mbps Broadband connectivity.
  • Best Library user Awards for Students /Faculty
  • Overnight Issues
  • Lending of Periodicals
  • User Education Program
  • Resource Sharing through Intranet using Digital Library Open Source Software
  • Conducting various Programs to students/Faculty /Librarian /Society
  • Books / Periodicals E-Recommendation Forms for Students and Faculty
  • Conducting various Programs to students/Faculty /Librarian /Society
  • Books / Periodicals E-Recommendation Forms for Students and Faculty
  • Fully Automated Library Services
  • Barcode Auto Library
  • Multimedia Enabled Digital Library
  • Access to E-Journals
  • NPTEL/Spoken Tutorials /British Council Video Lectures and web Content
  • E-course Material of Faculty
  • Scanning /Writing /Printouts of Documents
  • E-News Clippings
  • Paper clipping services
  • Conducting books exhibition
  • Job opportunities display
  • Project Reports
  • DELNET (Inter Library Loan)
  • Membership with TERRI
  • Membership with British Council Library
  • Membership with National Geographic
  • Ten Dailies
  • Scanning /Writing /Printouts of Documents
  • E-News Clippings


3602CDs – Books and periodicals, 10 Computers for Library Networking + Delnet + 4 Nos e-Journals (1. IEEE, 2. ASTM Digital Library, 3. Elsevier –Science Direct, 4. J.Gate), E-Books 1350 Nos. available.

The library has been provided with Central Computer Center, which would benefit the students for browsing the internet.

  • Open Access System with Bar Coding Facility
  • Books may be borrowed on all working days
  • Library Functioning from 8.30 A.M. to 7.00 P.M.
  • Central Computer Centre upto 6.00 P.M.


  • British Council
  • National Geographic